We can provide and lay quality turf to quicky revamp your outdoor space.

We supply and fit a wide range of fences to help make your property more decorative and more secure.

Want a whole new look for your outdoor space? Look no further.

We can also install you a luxury patio - perfect for relaxing during those summer nights.

We can erect high quality walls which is often an excellent method of breaking up an outdoor space.

Decking can be used in a variety of ways including around your pond, at the back of the property or at the bottom of the garden to catch the afternoon sun.

There are lots of patterns and colours availbe now for concrete which boasts low maintenance, decorative and customisable surfaces

Granite setts offer fantastic possibilities for design with their wide range of colours and textures allow you to create your ideal paving.

Natural stone is popular because of its wide range of colours, shapes and textures creating eye-catching features.

Concrete has a suprising number of uses for landscaping and is often used for driveways, paths and patios.

Tarmac can be put to a variety of uses such as pathways and patios - not just driveways. £45

Gravel has a wide range of uses for creating a beautiful landscape - pathways are popular as are water features and borders.

Block paving can be used as pathways, patios and mixed with other landscape types to create unique features. £45 per metre block paving.

We also offer garden maintenace as regular as you require - weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.